Alberto Pesenato

Alberto Pesenato has worked for worldwide famous auditing companies for over a decade (Whinney Murray Ernst & Ernst poi Ernst & Whinney, Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co, Sala Scelsi Farina - BDO, KMG - Fides Certificazione poi KPMG Peat Marwick).
He has also worked as lecturer in different universities in Italy (Auditing Course at the Faculty of Business Administration in Trieste, the Auditing School in Gorizia, Course of General Accounting at the Faculty of Economic and Banking Sciences in Udine.
He has been part of the external teaching body to the course of Auditing at the SDA Bocconi, School of Business Administration of the University Luigi Bocconi) and abroad (Russian Economics Academy named after G.V. Plekhanov in Moscow - C.S.I.) institutions which seek to achieve the best standard in lecturing.
He is the author of numerous articles which have been published by specialized auditing magazines.
Moreover, he has published four Manuals on the the specific subject of Auditing Procedures and Bilancio Consolidato. which have been chosen as main textbooks by many university Professors willing to give a competitive advantage to their course.
His career has developed into auditing training courses, which include seminars, lectures, and workshops.
Alberto Pesenato organizes and implements auditing procedures (Ex Art. 2403 – 2409 ter c.c) in line with the current italian legislation requirements.
He is the author of some essentials auditing tools for small and medium enterprises: P.M.I.  Auditors’ Tools and P.M.I. Auditors’ Verbali (memoranda). Alberto Pesenato has created this user friendly yet effective questionnaire set, perfect to carry out Verifiche Sindacali ex Art. 2403 – 2409 ter c.c.


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